BETA TRIAL 125-300 cc 2-stroke and for 300 cc 4-stroke models Engine protection plate in carbon

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Carbon engine skid plate

it is suitable for the Trial 125-300 cc 2-stroke models and for the 300 cc 4-stroke models

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The weight of the engine protection plate made of super-light, high-strength and hard-wearing autoclave carbon is only about 750 grams. The savings compared to the original aluminum engine protection plate are almost half a kilogram.

The lower engine protection in carbon for the Beta Trial Evo models replaces the original component using the original mounting points. The focus is on weight savings (usually savings of around 70% compared to the original component) and greater rigidity. The carbon part was made entirely of prepreg (see FAQ) material in the autoclave in accordance with the latest guidelines and, as usual with us, covered with a clear plastic coating to protect against environmental influences.

This plastic coating surpasses the otherwise usual clear lacquer coating in terms of protection, scratch resistance and durability. The coating not only scores technically, it also clearly underlines the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure